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    Quad Seal Pet Food Bag

    No: P-133
    Title: quad sealed pet food bag
    Material: Laminated film
    Bag type: Quad-seal bag(with zipper)
    Feature: Other
    Industry: Pet food bag


    Item: quad sealed pet food bag
    Feature: quad-sealed, side gusset
    Material: laminated film,metallized
    Printing: yes
    Keywords: pet food bag, quad-sealed bag, quad sealed

    1)Quad sealed cat food bag,cat litter bag,pet food bag
    2)The pet food bag is packaged for 1.5kg cat food
    3)The cat litter bag style is quad sealed bag,other we can according to your remand make three side sealed bag、
    stand up bag、stand up with zipper bag、tube bag ect
    4)The cat food bag with side gusset and excellent printing can up to 12 colors
    5)We supply the pet packaging bag all the year round