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    Paper Bag

    No: CF-97
    Title: paper bag
    Material: Paper bag
    Bag type: Side gusset bag
    Industry: Coffee bag


    Item: paper coffee bag
    Feature: side gusset with one-way degassing valve, none-printing
    Material: paper laminated with foil and poly
    Keywords: kraft paper bag, paper coffee bag, paper bag
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    1. This bag is for packaging the 250g~1kg coffee beans or coffee powders.
    2. With the excellent printing quality, there is an aluminum layer laminated, which is a very good barrier to resist moisture, oxygen, light etc. With this structure the bag can protect the inside coffee from the sunlight or air to avoid flavor emitting or acidification.
    3. We can weld the one-way degassing valve according to your requirement. The valve is imported from PBI in USA. The one-way valve can let out the CO2 emitted from the coffee, while prevent the outside light and air, to protect the fresh flavor of the coffee. Besides when the customer is buying the coffee, they can squeeze the bag from this valve to smell the flavor.
    4. The bags can be plain, or printed with the customized designs and logos according to your requirement.
    5. The bags can be shinny finishing, or matte finishing.
    6. We can do coffee bags at any size according to your demand, such as 70g, 250g, 1kg, 3kg etc…
    7. The bag style can be three-side sealed, stand up with resealable zipper, side gusset, qual-seal etc., just according to your requirement